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Select Your ColorReader

Go with the standard ColorReader if you want a smaller device that you’ll need to use with the mobile app only. Comes with the ColorReader device, Calibration Disk (found on the cap) and Micro USB Cable.

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Opt for the ColorReader Pro if you need more flexibility, since this can be used with or without the mobile app, thanks to an embedded OLED screen that displays color matching information. Comes with the ColorReader Pro device, Calibration Slide (found in the carrying case), Micro USB Cable and Carrying Case.

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ColorReader Awards

You can find ColorReader and ColorReader Pro at any of these fine locations:

Aboff's Paint
Alamo Lumber - Cuero
Alpine Paint
Ashmore Paint
Aucutts Paint
B. L. Ogilvie & Sons, Inc.
Barrydown Paint
Boulevard Hardware
Brighton Paint
Budekes Paint
Caddo Paint
Carter's Truro Ltd
Cincinnati Color Company
Cloverdale Paint
Cole’s Hardware
Colorworks Paint & Decorating
Columbia Paint
Costello ACE
Creative Paints of Ohio
Days Painting
Dick’s Color Center
Duval Paint
Forrest Paint
Gleco Paint
Harrison Paint
Hattiesberg Paint
Helm Paint & Decorating
Highlands Decorating Center
Hubbard Paint
J & B Paint & Wallpaper
JC Licht
John Boyle Decorating
Johnson Paint
Jones Paint
Kazala’s Paint Supplies
Lebanon Paint
Maher’s Paint & Wallpaper
Mallory Paint
Marin Color
Marketplace Paints
Maryland Paint
Miller Paint
Modern Glass, Paint & Tile
Murphy Bros. Paint
My Creative Paint
Northside Paint
O-Gee Paints
Page Paint
Paint Factory
Painters Alley
Peninsula Paint
Plaza Paint
Powell Paint
PrimeTime Paint
Ricciardi Brothers
Ridgefield Supply
Rings End
Rodda Paint
Shelbyville Paint, Flooring & More
Shenandoah Paint & Decorating Center
Southern Paint & Supply
Southern Paint
Southwestern Paint
Spectrum Paint
Station Hardware & Garden Center
Summit Paint Center
Tanner Paint Company
Tanner Paint
The Color House
The Paint Factory
The Paint Shop -Cad
The Paint Shoppes
Tommy's Paint
Tremont Paint
White’s Lumber

Note: Please check with your local retailer to find out which paint brands are included on their device.

Interested in carrying the ColorReader at your store? Contact Susan Mack at 609.528.1307 or